Philips Dynalite Lighting Controls

Bring your home to life with the smart lighting solution from Philips Dynalite. Whether you want the perfect ambiance in every room, one-touch control, or just an effortless way to save energy, a smart lighting solution gives you total control over every light in the house—from across the room or across the globe.

The foundation of any smart home system is lighting control – it’s the logical backbone to which everything else is connected. Philips Dynalite have been designing and manufacturing lighting control equipment for more than 25 years and always have been at the forefront of the industry. Future Homes staff are highly trained in all the latest products and systems available from Philips Dynalite and are one of only a few recognised installers in Ireland.


  1. Lighting Control : Create a mood,define a space lighting is about more than good looks, it’s the key to a comfortable and welcoming home.
  2. Security : Give your home a lived-in look while you’re away, deterring unwanted visitors and safeguarding the things you hold dear.
  3. Temperature Control and Blinds : Be comfortable in your home. Reliably control the thermostat and ensure efficient use of energy by automatically closing curtains and blinds during hot summer months and taking advantage of warming winter sun.
  4. Home Theatre : Watch your favourite movies and enjoy the total theatre experience dim the lights. lower the screen and start the movie with the touch of a button.
  5. Multi-Room Audio System : Control your multi-source, multi-zone distributed audio system and enjoy your favorite tunes in peace, while the kids listen to that noise they call music far, far away at the other and of the house.
  6. Pool, Spa and Reticulation Systems : Control the temperature and filters on outdoor apas and pools. Ensure your garden receives the attention it deserves when you’re away, by using time clocks to turn sprinkler systems on and off.
  7. Sensors : Using the latest in sensor technology, light and other devices can be automatically switched on/off without having to press a button or a switch. Perfect for trips to the bathroom during the night and for those with a disability or that are less mobile for your comfort and convenience.
  8. Endless control options : Don;t let youseft be limited. Control the whole house from the comfort of your armchair. Philips Dynalite systems can be programmed and controlled via a Java-enabled phone, PDA or Internet browser, from anywhere in the world!

A simple lighting control system gives you the power to completely transform your environment – create a mood to suit any occasion, define and highlight features, show off your home in its best light…all at the touch of a button.

Life is all about growth and your needs may change over time. The modular ‘building block’ approach by Future Homes to the Philips Dynalite system lets you add components as, and when, you require.

When you have Future Homes install a Philips Dynalite smart lighting system, the result is complete, carefree and uncomplicated control. Integrate it with your home automation system so after a hard day’s work, the ‘Welcome Home’ setting disarms security, turns on lights to a level pre-determined by you and activates the audio system, filling the house with sound.  Start to save energy and ensure the lights as well as the blinds and curtains are set perfectly, according to the time of day and time of year. In short, your home is whatever you want it to be – the choice is yours.

Control possibilities are infinite. Take charge from your favourite armchair, using nothing more than your mobile phone, or enjoy the beautiful Antumbra user control panels and touch screens as they complement your interior design in glass, stone, ceramic, metal or any finish you can imagine.


  • Preset lighting control : This is more than just on/off lighting control. Dynalite controls allow you to create ambience and recall different lighting scenes to suit your mood and the occasion.
  • Distributed control and monitoring : You can configure, control and monitor all the lights and system components from any point on the network and generate system status reports.
  • Ease of installation and configuration : The DyNet system is easier to install and takes less time to configure than conventional systems.
  • Flexibility in design : When layouts or control methods require modification, Envision software enables changes to be carried out by a simple reprogramming of the system.
  • Energy savings : By using intelligent lighting systems, lighting is only used when needed. Natural light is harvested and supplementary lighting adjusted accordingly, resulting in optimized environmental performance and minimized operating and maintenance costs.
  • Advanced integration into other systems : The Philips Dynalite range of integration devices and network gateways allows the DyNet system to be configured to work in conjunction with other systems, such as blinds, audio-visual, heatimng control and home automation systems.
  • Increased lamp life : The Philips Dynalite soft start and surge-limiting voltage regulation technologies protect lamps and increases life span.
  • Perfect LED dimming : Advanced technology from Philips Dynalite enables flicker-free dimming of LED lamps.

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